Experiential Learning with Horses

Experiential Learning with Horses

I am excited to announce new workshops and events incorporating my horses in the pastures of Blueberry Hill.
Horses are the perfect partners as you learn new ways to:

Lead with

Ignite your abilities to focus, provide clear direction, and lead others with a sense of purpose and possibility.

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Accelerate Your
Teams Results

Instill trust and an appreciation for the valuable contribution each person on your team provides to the success of the whole.

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Master Effective Communication

Discover new ways to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a straightforward and smooth manner.

Achieve Your

Become acutely aware of and fully present to the most important matters of your life.

Experiential training with horses

Why Horses?

  • Horses are born natural leaders trusting their senses, knowing their purpose and taking clear action.
  • A horse herd is inclusive. Everyone belongs, everyone is essential, everyone matters. Relationship is primary in the herd – it is based on trust, clear communication, and the importance of each horse’s place in the herd.
  • Horses have an amazing ability to resonate with and reflect back to us our authentic self.
For more information about experiential learning with horses, download this article, Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning. It provides new insight into this type of training experience based on a qualitative study, and also provides a glimpse into what takes place during a typical training session and the results that follow.

Experiential training with horses

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