Mirror Mirror on the wall…










“Without intimate mirrors we have no hope of knowing ourselves.” This was line in a mystery novel I read on my flight to and from the west coast this past week. It really resonated with me as I had just experienced what it meant. During the trip I had spent a fun-filled evening with two close friends, one I hadn’t seen in 4 years. We had been pioneers in a medical imaging technology that is now considered standard of care for almost all cancer patients. It was an exciting time that often pushed us to our limits and we loved it. My friends are two brilliant, exhilarating people and being with them brought back memories of the many things we had accomplished individually and working together. I saw myself through each of their eyes and was reminded of what I love to do and what I excel at. It was something I really needed and resulted in me making a rather large shift in my business plan as a result of it. I have been recharged with new energy ever since.

Who are the intimate mirrors in your life? What have you seen in them lately? Are there some changes or subtle shifts toward doing what you love within or outside of your current business plan that you are willing to take? Three wonderful questions guaranteed to get you thinking and maybe moving in a new more meaningful direction.


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