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“We’ve all been to trainings where a few weeks later most of the things we learned are in a big notebook on a shelf. This time invest in coaching skills training. Here’s why:”
“Groundbreaking research shows that training alone is 22.4% effective, while coaching paired with training increases effectiveness to 88%*”.
*Executive coaching as a transfer of training tool: Effects on productivity in a public agency, Public Personnel Management, 26, 4, 461-469.

“Leaders who have a firm grasp of cutting-edge coaching skills will have a competitive edge when it comes to empowering others. The only problem is that, to date, most people have not been given these special skills. Create more resilient employees and productive teams. You can and here’s how:

Tell me your biggest challenge and together we’ll develop a training to take care of it.”


Joan’s most popular on-line trainings:

Signature Training – Beyond Managing

Beyond Managing teaches coaching skills to those in leadership positions. It instills a coaching culture in an organization where everyone supports each other 100%. It can be divided into multiple segments depending on the needs of the organization.

Upon completion the participants will:

Know How to Accomplish More with Less Stress:

    • Learn the three steps successful people take to overcome everyday obstacles at work with ease.
    • Understand the main reason every project takes longer, is more difficult and usually over budget and what NOT to do about it.
    • Observe the power of self-limiting internal dialogues: Hear your personal show stopper.

Stop the Overwhelm / Get Focused:

    • Uncover the meaning and value behind what you do.
    • Discover your personal keys to excellence.
    • Find out the essential elements necessary to reaching goals and objectives.

Get “Unstuck”/Move Forward with Ease:

    • Understand the life-changing difference between a “Task” and a “Goal”.
    • Learn the 2 types of Authentic Action necessary to achieve your goals.
    • Recognize the symptoms of “busyholism” and driven behavior.

Difficult Conversations/Desirable Results:

  • Discover the 5 assumptions that result in a productive conversation and 5 that ruin it every time.
  • Learn a simple 4 step framework to utilize when change is needed to attain a desired outcome.
Joan Washburn


Joan is rigorously trained, certified, and licensed as a professional coach and trainer, in a coaching model designed, refined, and delivered with life-changing impact to thousands of people over two decades by the Academy for Coaching Excellence (ACE). ACE is a world-class coaching training organization accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading credentialing body in the coaching profession.

Rave Review

“If you have the chance to work with Joan Washburn, run, don’t walk!” Ann Duez, Owner, The Victorian Inn


BEFORE – The Fruit Stand in the 1970’s:

In 2018, the family fruit stand was repurposed into The Washburn Center at Blueberry Hill to accommodate Joan’s growing business and to provide a retreat center for others. It’s located on 40 acres of woods, pasture and farmland in northern Ohio close to Lake Erie. The Washburn Center has everything you need to hold an off-site board meeting or managers’ training for 4 to 24 people.

AFTER: The Washburn Center at Blueberry Hill in 2018

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