Accelerate Your Teams Results

Accelerate Your Team Results

Covid has taken its toll on the workplace in ways that are too numerous to state. Some of the things I often hear are:
“All we do is put out fires”
“I’ve lost touch with my team”
“I’m completely overwhelmed”
“We’ve lost sight of our purpose”

For too long we have literally been in survival mode. The creative part of our brains have been shut down. While our responsibilities grow, it seems as if our resources have shrunk.

It’s going to take something very special and out of the ordinary to get everyone back on track. You’ll need to provide a way for people to reconnect, not only with their teammates, but with themselves. Time to slow down and touch bases with what really matters.

You will find just that in the woods, horses, and pastures at Blueberry Hill. Come to the farm, relax and talk about your vision for the future around a warm fire in the woods. We’ll organize a fun exercise with the horses for your team where everyone is supported 100% and no one is left out.

The Washburn Center

Success of Recent Workshop Attendees

The Washburn Center
“I so enjoyed bringing our staff to Blueberry Hill. It was a wonderful morning of reconnecting as a team, learning new things about team member roles and building on the successes and exploring the challenges we have experienced during the pandemic. Working with the horses was a great way to break up the monotony of “just another team work” session. Thanks Joan!”
~ Connie Cornett, Executive Director, Ottawa County Family Advocacy
“It made a difference when we were all working closely together as a team leading the horse through the obstacle course that represented the challenges we experience nearly every day at work, rather than all spread out”. ~ Team Member of OCFAC
“I was really afraid at first, but I knew my team was there and it made it easier for me.” ~Team Member of OCFAC

Contact Me To Plan Your Program

Contact me and I will give you a call so we can talk about what would make this day a success for you. We will design a unique program to accomplish that… and maybe more. You never know what the horses have in mind.

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. Please use the button below to reach out to me.


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