Go For Your Goals

Introducing Direct Your Dreams

You’re busy. I get it! Sign up for this self-paced course consisting of a combination of short videos and audio recordings. In just a few hours you will have:
  • 1. Your Personal Vision of Success.
  • 2. The Simple 4 Step Process to make it happen.
  • 3. Your One-on-One Strategy Session scheduled with me to ensure your vision has the 5 elements necessary to propel you forward!

What People are Saying about Direct Your Dreams:

“Setting my Vision with Joan helped me realize the desires and thoughts rolling around in my head are achievable and not unrealistic. Thanks Joan for helping me clear out the negative clutter!” Kim Leneghan, MS, RD, LD
“I feel that having a clear vision has really helped me find my direction in life. Before creating my vision I felt overwhelmed and very unsure, wasting a lot of time trying to find that something that was missing. I found that since creating my vision I have a clearer view of what’s important in my life and how to get there with, as Joan says, ‘ease and grace’.” Bethany Baumgartner, Rodan + Fields Consultant
Don’t let that little voice in the back of your head talk you out of moving forward toward that dream you’ve had for your life for a long time. You know – the one that says “I don’t have the time or the money”. Instead ask yourself “How will I feel if nothing has changed in my life this time next year?”

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