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You're Busy I Get It!

Joan’s Best Selling Book

You’re Busy. I Get It is for those of you who don’t have time to sit down and read a whole book right now. Find out more about this valuable resource.

Joan’s Published Articles

Read about Joan in her Soar to Success magazine cover feature article as well as read the many articles she’s contributed to the magazine. Some of her articles are listed below.

Podcast Appearances

Podcast Interviews

Interviewed on Money Coach with Ronda Cobb aired in November 2018

Interviewed on the Soar to Success Podcast aired in June 2016

Coffee Break with Coach Joan

Joan’s Video Series

Grab a cup of coffee and watch Coffee Break with Coach Joan to hear quick tips so you can succeed both personally and professionally with more clarity, focus, ease and grace. Watch Now.

Looking for the Perfect Place for a Meeting or Retreat?

Relax, Unwind and Do Some of Your Best Work at THE WASHBURN CENTER at Blueberry Hill Farm

THE WASHBURN CENTER at Blueberry Hill Farm is the place you’ve been looking for to hold your next off-site meeting. Once a family fruit stand, it is now an ideal space for the creative and critical thinking necessary for successful time away from the office.

Learn more about what The Washburn Center has to offer.

The Washburn Center

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