Professional Development

Businesses and organizations are changing in ways that place new demands on people. Accelerated change in the workplace, demands for effectiveness, and the need for emotional intelligence in communication have given rise to the interest in creating a coaching culture.  In a coaching environment, employees learn how to identify and overcome self and team limiting thought patterns that impede productivity and success.

Washburn Endeavours is uniquely qualified to integrate coaching skills into customized seminars, trainings and workshops.  This proven approach provides the resiliency, focused action, and creative thinking necessary for success in business today.

Provide your employees  professional development workshops focused on the three legs of success:

  • EXTRAORDINARY LEADERSHIP.  It does not happen by chance – it happens intentionally.
  • RESOURCEFUL TEAMWORK.  Everyone supports each other 100% in making the contribution they are there to make.
  • EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION.   Clear, focused and constructive.


  • Increase workforce resilience and accountability during market or economic changes
  • The successful implementation of a new campaign or change
  • Clear, productive conversations between management, employees and stakeholders
  • An energized workforce focused on customer satisfaction and efficiency
  • Increased efficiency and cut hiring costs through improved employee retention

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