Ron Snyder

For the past 20 years, Ron has delivered consulting services to technology-based companies, enabling them to improve their productivity and results.

Ron’s consulting supported ADAC Laboratories’ effort to win the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award. Further, in a very competitive marketplace, he helped them achieve a 50% increase in sales per sales person, a 10% increase in profit margins and a 131% improvement in win/loss ratio in the first year and a half of the program.

In his 11 years at Hewlett-Packard, Ron was consistently recognized as a top performer in sales, marketing and management roles related to medical, computer, and software solutions. He led sales teams to win in complex, high-value selling situations (i.e. winning a $20M business agreement). He also turned teams around (i.e. taking one field team from last in a large region to being a recognized leader in the region within 18 months).

He holds Bachelor’s in Engineering and Master’s Degree in Engineering Design/ Human Factors in Design from Tufts University and an MBA from Northeastern University.

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