Professional Development Trainings

Groundbreaking research shows that training alone is 22.4% effective, while coaching paired with training increases effectiveness to 88%1

Inspiration to Outcome

4 Hours  

  • See the “Company Playing Field” so you can play to win!
  • Learn the three steps successful people take to overcome everyday obstacles at work with ease
  • Understand the main reason every project takes longer, is more difficult and usually over budget and what NOT to do about it
  • Observe the power of self-limiting internal dialogues: Hear your personal show stopper

Work-Life Balance Simplified

4 Hours   

  • Uncover the meaning and value behind what you do
  • Discover your personal keys to excellence
  • Wake up and become conscious of how you are using your energy

Performance with Purpose

4 Hours

  • Understanding the life-changing difference between a “Task” and a “Goal”
  • Learn the 2 types of Authentic Action necessary to achieve your goals
  • Recognize the symptoms of “busyholism” and driven behavior
  • Accomplish more with less struggle

Effective Communication: Begin with the Conclusion

2 Hours                                                               

  • Learn a framework to utilize when internal change is needed to attain a desired outcome
  • 5 conclusions that produce effective communication and 5 that ruin it

Building Trust by Being “Coach”

12 Hours

All of the above training PLUS:    

Learn new coaching principles, tools and skills to create a “coaching culture” within your organization.  Building a coaching culture in the workplace creates more resilient employees and productive teams.  It better positions companies to grow and nurture talent

Setting my Vision with Joan helped me realize the desires and thoughts rolling around in my head are achievable and not unrealistic. Thanks Joan for helping me clear out the negative clutter! “

– Kim Leneghan, MS, RD, LD

1Executive coaching as a transfer of training tool:  Effects on productivity in a public agency, Public Personnel Management, 26, 4, 461-469.

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