Customized professional development trainings, both live and on-line, filled with innovative coaching tools and skills proven essential to:

  • Create an environment of exceptional support and teamwork.
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills resulting in happy and returning clients.
  • Build and maintain prosperous business relationships.
  • Motivate others to be the “best version of themselves”.
  • Be resilient in uncertain times and situations.
  • Deliver timely and constructive feedback, even in uncomfortable situations.
  • Model integrity and patience and encourage the same in others.
  • Connect with employees: Know what they aspire to & how you can support their progress.
  • Celebrate Success! Why you should build in celebrations as an integral part of all successful projects and endeavors.

Groundbreaking research shows that training alone is 22.4% effective, while coaching paired with training increases effectiveness to 88%1

Schedule your complimentary Breakthrough Session.  We will drill down to specifically what you want to accomplish and how we might work together to make it happen.

On-line Training:

    • Stop the guilt and worry associated with Work-life Balance once and for all!
    • Design a Personal Priorities Blueprint for a life you LOVE.
    • Learn the 3 Simple Steps to make it happen.

“With a job change, starting a new business and raising a very active family I was so over extended, tired and unable to focus!  I needed something but didn’t know what and I thought I was the only one struggling with this. Beyond Balance was just what I needed.  Now I’m quicker to recognize when I’m making things more difficult for myself and can put things into perspective easier. I’m living my life with more “ease and grace.” Thanks Joan!”

-Bethany Baumgardner

A self-paced course consisting of a combination of short videos and audio recordings.  In just a few hours you will have:

      • Your Personal Vision of Success.
      • The Simple 4 Step Process to make it happen.
      • Your one-on-one Strategy Session scheduled with me to ensure your vision has all 5 elements necessary to propel you forward!

Setting my Vision with Joan helped me realize the desires and thoughts rolling around in my head are achievable and not unrealistic. Thanks Joan for helping me clear out the negative clutter! “

– Kim Leneghan, MS, RD, LD

1Executive coaching as a transfer of training tool:  Effects on productivity in a public agency, Public Personnel Management, 26, 4, 461-469.

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