Why you should never wait to celebrate.

Most of us wait until the job is complete before we celebrate.  We never think to celebrate small victories.  We think we don’t deserve it because we haven’t achieved that milestone yet.

Or – worse yet often we never celebrate at all!  We finish one thing and just move right on to the next without even taking a few minutes to say “Wow!  Good job!”  This is one of the major causes of burnout.  However, when we take some time to celebrate small victories along the way, it gives us the energy to keep going.

If you are in a leadership position it is especially important for you to set the example of celebrating the small victories of your employees or members of your management team.  It has been proven that this is one of the best ways to achieve employee satisfaction and increase productivity.

It’s easy to celebrate the big wins and milestones, but celebrating the small victories along the way gives us the energy and motivation to keep going, especially when the going gets tough; to not give up when we come up against an obstacle we did not expect.

So here is a quick tip from your Coach:  at the end of each day, before you leave the office, write down 3 things you accomplished that day.  Notice any small victory or positive result that otherwise you might have missed and give yourself a pat on the back.  This is sure way to end each day with a sense of satisfaction and to acknowledge a day well done.

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