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Signature Talks:

How Successful People Accomplish More With Less Stress (Crowd Favorite)
Research shows that it is normal for our brains to default to the negative when under stress. We overestimate threats and underestimate resources that are all around us. In this lecture the audience will leave with a simple tool that allows them to quickly shift to more productive thoughts, to see critical resources and then take action. Learn how successful people stay focused, upbeat and check off most things on their to-do list each day.

Attendees will also learn a definition of “Success” that is empowering and encourages them to do their very best work.

Participants will be able to:

  • Quickly recognize when a self-limiting internal conversations is keeping them stuck and spinning.
  • Quickly shift to a productive thought process that motivates them to take action.

Four Simple Steps to Implement Change with Ease
Employees at all levels require special tools proven to help them stay focused and safe during change and unpredictable times. The brain plays a pivotal role that, unless understood, will undermine the most well-intentioned actions taken to ensure resilience during times of complexity and change. In this lecture managers will learn a simple 4 step process they can use to implement behavioral and/or organizational change without the undue stress that often accompanies it.

  • Learn a step by step orderly process to increase compliance with change.
  • Remain resilient and productive in a changing environment.
  • Understand and leverage the brain’s main role during change.

Turn Difficult Conversations Into Productive Ones
Every person in a leadership role often must have a difficult conversation with an employee or colleague. Safety compliance, or lack of it, is often the topic. These conversations can be stressful for both parties, however they don’t have to be. There are 5 factors that produce positive constructive results and the 5 that do not. Unfortunately, our brains tend to default to the 5 that do not. Learn the 5 factors that produce the results desired, then pick the one most appropriate for the conversation at hand. The results may be a pleasant surprise to both parties.

  • Have difficult conversations with anyone with ease.
  • Know 5 factors necessary for productive conversations.
  • Learn the 5 factors that sabotage the best of intentions every time.

Rave Review

“Joan is an excellent coach & speaker, overflowing with a fabulous mixture of compassion, wisdom and humor.”
Penny Kowal, Ph.D.

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